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has a mission is to fuel the public understanding of science and to celebrate science as a vital part of our culture. The public understanding of science is important as much as scientific research itself.

If you are a science lover – you came in the right place!

As you can see, this site is brand new, and not quite developed yet. However, there is nothing you can’t achieve if you are working hard enough. So that’s my plan! I will work hard, and someday in the future, this site will cover the latest scientific breakthroughs and science news on daily basis. Of course, not without your help!

Read Spiderest articles, and try to write one yourself! If you are up to the task, your text might show up on the front page of this website, and you will be a well-announced guest author.

Make sure you visit the Facebook page, too. There you will find some great science images that I made and some interesting science articles. Nevertheless, entertainment is not omitted! Every now and then the page posts humorous memes and brain teasers, all related to science, of course.
Same images are found on my Instagram profile, but some of them have a further explanation which refers to the content of the image.
Last but not least – YouTube Channel.

  • Briefly about me

Ever since I earned BSc degree in Chemistry, I’ve been focusing all of my brain-work on expanding my knowledge and depth of understanding nature. Currently, I live in Nis, Serbia. And I am pursuing MSc in Chemistry – research profile. If you want to know more about me, please get in touch!

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